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This is not just another credit card.

No impact on your credit score.
No interest on late repayment.

Instantly access money from your unpaid invoices.

With a LytePay account, your unpaid commissions and invoices are instantly accessible as LyteMoney. Receive your LyteMoney immediately when you use it to top up your Talent Card, and use your Talent Card anywhere that accepts Mastercard.

Track your business expenses like a pro. Never overpay on taxes!

Use your Lyte’s Talent card to pay your home-office rent, marketing costs or a client lunch. Having a dedicated card for your business expenses makes accounting a breeze. Never overpay on taxes again!

Easily control the security features in the LytePay website.

Lost your card? Block your card from the comfort of your bed (but check behind the pillows first!)

“It’s like having an ATM in your pocket.”

– Joanna, LytePay Talent Club

Frequently asked questions

About the card

The Lyte’s Talent Card is LytePay’s prepaid card. With it, you can instantly access your outstanding commissions by topping it up and using it at any Merchant that accepts Mastercard (in stores or online).

The Talent Card is neither, it is a LytePay innovation. A credit card involves borrowing money from the bank, while a debit card draws upon your savings. The Talent Card utilizes your unpaid commissions. It doesn’t affect your credit rating, and you’ll never have to pay interest on ‘late payments’.

It is currently free to sign up for the card! There is a one-time transaction fee of 3.5% to top up your card from your LyteMoney, which is the same as the cashout fee.

Getting the card

You will need to be an ERA agent and have a LytePay account first. If you haven’t sign up, you can do it here https://web.lytepay.co/register. After you’ve verified your identity and CEA, you can proceed to apply for a Talent Card on your dashboard.

There is no restriction to what you choose to be your preferred name, but some merchants may require you to show your ID for verification, so if the preferred name you enter is drastically different from your ID, some merchants may not allow you to use the card.

It currently takes about 1-2 weeks for you to receive your card, after your application is approved.

Using the card

Yes you can. Please ensure you have a minimum balance of S$15 in your card at all times. This is a requirement by LTA. Failing that, LTA may ban the card permanently from being used on any LTA services.

You can use the card at anywhere that supports Mastercard payments. Yes, even overseas!

It makes access to your unpaid commissions even more seamless. Cashout also has a minimum sum of $500, while there is no minimum for the Talent Card. Need to spend $8.99 at Starbucks? Go for it! You can also use the Talent Card solely for business expenses to make accounting and tax deductions a breeze!

It gives you access to cash beyond your credit limit with no impact on your credit rating.

You can block your card directly via your LytePay account. Please contact us at support@lytepay.co to enquire about a replacement card.

The card cannot be added into Apple/Google Pay at the moment.

Supplementary Talent cards are currently not offered.

Yes, if your bills can be paid via Mastercard.

There are no referral rewards, but we do run referral campaigns from time to time. Look out for your emails!

No, you cannot withdraw cash from the card. To withdraw cash, cashout via LyteMoney to your bank account.

Yes, anywhere that accepts Mastercard.

It functions similarly as a stored value card.

You can directly email support@lytepay.co.

The card directly draws from your unpaid commissions. Without topping-up, the card has no stored value.

No, LyteMoney that has been transferred to the card cannot be reversed.

Currently, there is a S$30,000 spending limit per year. Please contact us if you need to increase that limit.

LytePay Pte Ltd is a Major Payment Institution licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) under the Payment Services Act to provide (i) account issuance service; (ii) domestic money transfer service; and (iii) cross-border money transfer service. Please note that this does not mean you will be able to recover all the money you paid to if LytePay’s business fails.

You may refer to our Policy Centre at https://www.lyteventures.com/legal/ to find out more.  

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