Get rewarded with up to 11%* on each invoice you send.

Watch your income multiply effortlessly with Boost, so you can focus on doing what you love.

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*The cash reward of 7-11% will be dependent on the commitment period, which is up to 365 days. This is not an interest-bearing account. Terms and conditions apply.

Farewell, manual data entry and paperwork.

Hello, automation and risk-free rewards. 

Let us help you manage your admin while you earn rewards from freelancing. 

Earn rewards on your invoices

Just got paid by your client? Boost and earn a reward of 7-11% on the value of your invoice, depending on how long you manage it through LytePay.

You decide how much and how long to Boost your invoice, and you’ll receive rewards even if it’s just for 15 days.

Why use Boost?

Boost rewards you with 7-11% on each invoice, and this is at the end of a chosen time period.

Invoice value Boost period Rewards What you earn
$1,000 15 days 7% $2.78
30 days 8% $6.35
90 days 9% $21.48
180 days 10% $48.12
365 days 11% $110

*The cash reward of 7-11% is pro-rated over the commitment period up to 365 days. 

Extra features you might like, for free!

Create invoices quickly

Say goodbye to excel or word documents. Easily create custom, professional invoices. 

Our invoices include payment terms, so your business is covered from the get-go. 

Track payments and get paid on time

Get updates on whether your invoice has been sent, viewed, or paid. 

No more awkward emails. Choose to send automated payment reminders to your client. 

Secure and fuss-free payments

Your clients make secure payments via LytePay. We match incoming payments to its invoice, so you don’t have to check manually. 

Payments can be automatically transferred to your bank account thereafter. 

How does it work

  1. Create your invoice.
  2. Track your invoices on our dashboard.
  3. Clients pay you via LytePay.
  4. Invoice status is updated.
  5. Boost your invoice and get up to 11% in rewards.

Why freelancers use LytePay

LytePay has a simple and easy to use user interface. Breezed through my first invoice without any complications. The right tool for businesses of all sizes! 

Rauf Zulkiflee Soh
Designer & Brand Strategist 
High There Studio 

The layout is clear and it’s easy to use the invoice tool – I look forward to seeing the new tools, like Boost.

Boost is an interesting idea, and a great way for freelancers such as myself to make my earnings go further.

Denise Eng
Freelance Illustrator

Super convenient and user-centric approach! Definitely saved me from the trouble of manually drafting revisions of quotation and invoice for my clients in the past. With lytepay, every options is just a click away! Now I can spend less time doing business admin and focus more time on designing for my clients instead!

Julius Pang
Design Advisor

We are not just building the future of the passion economy. We care about your success as a freelancer.

Start growing your freelance business today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Boost is a rewards programme by LytePay. You can apply Boost on any invoice that you send through LytePay as long as your client pays through LytePay. 

For now, you will be rewarded at different rates depending on your period of commitment (15, 30, 90, 180, 360 days). You will be rewarded at the end of each Boost period, and may choose to Boost the same invoice again, subject to certain limitations. 

The final reward value of 7-11% is based on the amount chosen to boost from an invoice sent via LytePay and the number of days that the amount has been boosted. The cash reward of 7-11% is pro-rated over the commitment period up to 365 days. 

Commitment periodRewards (Pro-rated over 365 days)
15 days 7% 
30 days 8% 
90 days 9% 
180 days 10% 
365 days 11% 

Yes, you can boost the same invoice as many times you want.

Simply select “Auto Boost” for 15, 30, and 60 day Boost periods, and your invoice will be automatically reBoosted for the same Boost period for up to 180 days (6 months).

If you do not select “Auto Boost”, or Boosted your invoice for 180 or 365 days, you have 48 hours to decide if you’d like to reBoost your invoice. After which, the rewards earned from Boost will be transferred to your bank account.

Yes. Every subsequent Boost period will include the rewards that you earned from the previous Boost.

You can withdraw your money at any point. Just remember, if you withdraw before your chosen Boost Period is over, you will forfeit the rewards earned.

For example, if an invoice of $1,000 was selected for a 90 day Boost period and you choose to withdraw $500 after 60 days, you will get your full amount back but lose the 9% pro-rated rewards. You can continue to Boost the remaining $500 for another Boost period of your choice.

Full Boost Rewards can be claimed only after completing your chosen Boost Period. E.g if an invoice of $1,000 was selected for a 90 day Boost period, you can withdraw on Day 91 and get 9% pro-rated rewards, in this case, $1000 + $22.19 = $1022.19

Using LytePay’s invoice and payment collection tool is free. 

Each withdrawal from the Boost Rewards program has a 0.25% service fee, subject to a minimum of SGD $0.50. 

Once you send your invoice via LytePay to your client, they can make payments via Bank Transfer or PayNow. We currently do not accept credit card nor international payments in our beta version, but we are working on supporting these payment methods!

No, your clients do not need to create a LytePay account. When you send them an invoice via LytePay, they will receive it via email. To make payment, they can choose to scan the QR code for PayNow or make a bank transfer.

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