Real Estate Commission Advance: 5 Benefits for Property Agents in Singapore

90 days – that’s the average waiting time for a property agent to receive their commission after a deal is closed. We understand how limiting and frustrating the waiting time can be. The uncertainty of not having a steady income ..   [Read more]

Singapore’s Freelance Revolution?

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the ‘future of work’ in Singapore. The gig economy has grown and self-employed workers increased by approximately 9% from 174,800 to 190,900 (Manpower Ministry’s Labour Force Survey, 2020). Irregular income has also intensified, with added ..   [Read more]

How is my LyteMoney calculated?

Via LytePay’s algorithm, your LyteMoney is an overall amount that is calculated automatically and dynamically from all your outstanding commissions (accounts receivable). The algorithm is based on many factors such as transaction statuses, time, and other risk factors. This means ..   [Read more]

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